La Serena Live Cam, Chile

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La Serena – one of the oldest cities in Chile, an important historical and economic center of the country’s north. The administrative center of the homonymous municipality and the region Kokimbo.Gorod located on the Pacific coast, from ancient times it was the center of silver mining and copper.

The city is also famous for its magnificent architecture and a long golden coastal line, which makes it one of the world’s great resorts.

The architectural style of the city is called the neo-colonial and different from other styles of Chilean cities. It effectively combines with modern facilities and old colonial buildings. The government is very concerned about the harmony of the architecture of the city, so still in the middle of no buildings higher than 8 floors, ie above the municipality. But in the neighboring Coquimbo there is a construction boom, it is characterized by a modern high-rise buildings and amazing forms.

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