Kufstein, Stadtplatz Live Cam, Austria

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In Kufstein it is necessary to visit necessarily, if You come for a few days in Bavaria or Western Austria. As Burghausen or Passau in Bavaria is one of the most impressive fortresses of Europe, and in historical terms can give odds even to the castle of Andechs near Innsbruck or the Episcopal fortress of Salzburg. In addition, it has maintained a brutal view of the present Romanesque fortifications, undisturbed decorations in the spirit of the Renaissance or Baroque.

Kufstein has never been a residence of bishops, emperors, princes – he was a bone of contention between the Tyrol and Bavaria. Repeatedly passed from hand to hand, served as a state prison, a symbol of the Anschluss with the third Reich (in Kufstein hosted the first meeting of Hitler and Mussolini, which served as the prologue to the conclusion of the Tripartite Pact), a grim monument to the victims of the First and Second World wars. Every day at noon, a huge street organ plays a mourning song in memory of millions of victims, music is heard for 13 kilometers, on both sides of the border of Austria and Germany.

We drove from Munich train to Salzburg was leaving five to ten, but pushed it to the furthest platform 5 or 6 the path is to the left of the main entrance to the ways. And very far away from that exit. Since we were with a child in a wheelchair, I had to rush wildly towards the faraway platform, well, that saw our race the conductor paused twenty seconds from the whistle for the departure and we flew in practically taking the train.But the most important and the first thing they see is a fortress surrounded by the Alps.

Powerful, stocky, consisting of a giant cylindrical towers of the citadel was considered impregnable in the middle ages. If the settlement Kufstein was first mentioned in Chronicles in the year 788, then fortress, then included in the possessions of the bishops of Regensburg, was first mentioned in 1205.

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