Kortrijk Live Cam, Belgium

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Kortrijk is a charming town, erected its historic walls close to the French border, at the junction of the canal of the Leie-Scheldt and the river Lys. Today this city of ancient origin is testified by the ruins of a previous Roman settlement, Cortoriacum, inhabiting seventy-five thousand inhabitants. In the years of prosperity that came in the middle ages, the cornerstone of the economy of Kortrijk was the cloth trade, which became, later in the textile industry.
Attractiveness is pretty standard for the medieval architecture of the Kortrijk gives a number of buildings endowed with a distinct personality. This, in particular, the Church of the blessed virgin. In a number of the most beautiful churches of Belgium put it on the walls of gray stone, erected in the years 1199-1203.

However, the most attractive part of Kortrijk is still the Beguinage of St Elizabeth, adjacent to the Church of the blessed mother. This abode of female religious movement, spiritually close to the monk, but free from extremes of celibacy, impresses with its colorful. Built in the XVII century charming white houses, brought under orange roofs, forming narrow cobbled streets, unexpected in the city centre. The entire historic complex of the Beguinage is perceived as a true oasis of calm that attracts restless souls.

Not forgotten and textile production formed the Foundation of the welfare of Kortrijk. There is the national Museum of flax, turning the exposure on the farm. The image of this farm does not violate the medieval spirit of the town, it is modestly located on the southern edge, where the bright tourist guide booklets

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