Kemijärvi Live Cam, Finland

Category: Cams, Finland

Kemijärvi – Finland’s northernmost city – situated between the ski centers of Pyhä – Luosto, Suomu, Salla and hand. This favorable location allows travelers to enjoy all the services and entertainment of a small town, as well as all the features that provide excellent winter sport centers in other cities.
Kemijärvi is known as the best fishermen in Europe pike lake. It is also rich in trout. And Pёyuliёyarvi bred rainbow trout and trout.

Kemijärvi has become a center of attraction versatile services and cultural life. This is conducive to short distances and excellent means of communication. Autumn jazz festivals Ruska Swing and summer weeks Sculptures collect a lot of fans also from other countries.

The onset of spring is celebrated the International Festival of ballroom dance, which brings together numerous participants from all over Finland and from foreign countries. A center of culture and art, and a water park attached to Kemijärvi idyll and uniqueness of a small Finnish town.

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