Kasperske Mountains Live Cam, Czech – Central Square

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Kasperske Mountains – a town in the district of Klatovy Czech Republic Pilsen region. Located 65 km south of the city of Pilsen, at an altitude of 758 m above sea level.

Kasperske Hory – a former mining town where the miners lived gallant, who worked on gold mining. City appeared at Kasperk castle, founded by King Charles IV in 1356. A place for the castle was chosen very well: he stood beside the road, which is paved by the Romans in Germany.

In the city there are also several ancient temples. This three-nave church of St. Margaret’s, built in the Gothic style, the church of St. Nicholas, built in the XIV century, several chapels, including the Chapel of St. Anne and the chapel of Our Lady of Klatovskoy.

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