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Kardjali – the administrative center of the homonymous province with a population of about 50 thousand people.

Kardjali – the actual capital of the Eastern Rhodope mountains, a traditional Turkish patrimony on the territory of Bulgaria. The area was first conquered by the last and given the results of the two Balkan wars in the early twentieth century. But, the main attraction of the town are the ruins of the Thracian city of Perperikon on the cliff, at an altitude of almost five hundred meters directly above the town. But, if it does, it’s just a jumble of huge boulders.

From the Thracians remained only the foundations. Something similar to a stone tub is touted as “the tomb of Orpheus”. There is the “altar of Dionysus” — a circle with a diameter of 2 m. However, the Thracians separately from the rocks did not build, and prefer to use natural opportunities. Scala, however, this has. She outwardly provoked to declare it sacred, and the material served. From the Romans on the rock were the ruins of a multistory Palace-fortress.

The second beauty of Kardzhali, but rather to say, its near and distant surroundings — the tuff rock is very bizarre forms. Soon rock a place called Pyramedia, or the Stone Wedding. Diverse in structure and color of natural stone canvas local residents associated with the fact that stone turned the whole wedding. And all because of the fact that the witness ‘ mother was jealous of the beauty of the bride.

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