Kanjiza Live Cam, Serbia

Category: Cams, Serbia

Kanjiža – old Serbian city, transformed discovered in 1903, medical sources in the popular resort. International status located in the bend of the Tisza locality gives, among other things, only pyatnadtsatikilometrovaya distance from Hungarian territory.

In the district first mentioned in 1097, the year of settlement, the archaeologists found cultural layers of the Slavs that preceded them Huns, as well as evidence of Turkish military campaigns. And found the remains of the anthropological presence of the bronze age explains the academic minds by the presence of the Ford of the river that attracted animals to the trap of ancient hunters.

Resort development once an ordinary village Kanjiža legendary shrouded in mist. According to legend, a beautiful Gypsy that nomadic life “was awarded the” rheumatic pains, bathed in the miraculous waters. This was followed, in full accordance with the canons legendary narratives, the sudden recovery. The reality is, the harsh tradition, looked a lot more trivial.

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