Judenburg Live Cam, Austria

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Judenburg – city of Austria located in Styria, on the banks of the river Mur. The city is situated at a height of 737 metres above sea level. The first written mention of the locality dates from the year 1074, we are talking about the castle Eppenstein. At that time, Jewish merchants occupied the territory of modern of Judenburg, where took place an important trade route from the valley of the Mur river through a mountain pass in Carinthia.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city was one of the centers of the steel industry. Today only a small part of industrial production is preserved in the town.

The most interesting to visit the Jewish quarter of the city around the Church of St Nicholas, although the old buildings little remains. Church. Nicholas was rebuilt in 1673 in Baroque style, and later was introduced to the elements of Neorenaissance. In the interior of the temple are figures of the 12 apostles of the work of local sculptor Balthasar of Brandstatter. Near the altar is kept the wooden statue of the virgin Mary with the Infant 1500. The Church of Mary Magdalene is famous for its restored Gothic stained glass Windows. In Judenburg there is a local history Museum.

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