Jounieh Live Cam, Lebanon

Category: Cams, Lebanon

On the Bay of Jounieh, 13 km North of Beirut was located the same resort area. Along the coast of the Bay stretching sandy beaches with numerous hotels, surrounded on the East by high mountains. In summer, Junia is transformed into the perfect place for a beach holiday in the country. And not only in the country, the resort Jounieh popular all over the world. Hotels Jounieh have well-developed infrastructure that attracts many tourists. In addition, in the vicinity of the Spa zone offers a variety of attractions and tourists coming here can enjoy not only the sea but also historical values of the country’s history.

In the evening the city becomes a lively center of communication. Coastal beaches are transformed into romantic restaurants, where many guests can sit at the table right next to the sea enjoying the sounds of the surf, and the helpful waiter quietly and politely serve you. For fans of noisy communication open beach parties and numerous clubs.

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