Jilemnice Live Cam, Czech

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Jilemnice lies about 120 kilometers north-east of Prague in the Czech Republic. The city is in the region of Hradec Králové. Jilemnice is situated in the foothills of the Giant Mountains, 30 kilometers from the border with Poland.

As in any self-respecting Czech town, there is a local castle, where the museum is now organized, devoted to the emergence and development of winter sports in the country. In addition, the premises of the castle you can see a gorgeous display, which presents a unique collection of nativity scenes. Exhibits for the show imported from the most remote corners of the Czech Republic, therefore, serve as a visual aid on how celebrate Christmas in different Czech regions. The highlight of the collection is the mechanical nativity scene, the likes of which the Czech Republic you will not find anywhere else.

Lovers of history and architecture will not be disappointed. They will see a well-preserved interiors and learn about the history of the castle, which was built by the richest Czech Harrachov born in 1716. The castle was built on the foundations of a Gothic fortress, which destroyed the Swedish army during the war.

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