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Osaka International Airport live streaming webcam.

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan. But as Tokyo and Yokohama form a single metropolis, it can be said that Osaka is the second largest city in the country. With its convenient location in the spacious bay of the city from the time of Emperor Nintoku reign developed as a port and from the 4th century. It becomes a major trading center of the country. Since the end of the 7th century, to the extent that, as the samurai power weakened increased power and wealth of the merchants, especially in Osaka. The city was founded by many famous Japanese corporations, among them “Daiwa”, “Marubeni” and “Sumitomo”.

Under the patronage of kings trading Osaka developed as a center for the arts, especially after moving to many actors of Kabuki theater from the Edo period, suffered from severe fire 1567g. The city is also known for Bunraku, he still remains the center of this unique kind of theater. During World War II, Osaka has been virtually destroyed, and all its historical monuments were lost. Survivor Osaka-jo Castle – a concrete copy of the original, built in 1931.

The main airport of the Extension of the Japanese Kansai region, also known as Itami Airport

He began his work in 1939 as Osaka Airport No.2 initially accepted domestic and international flights, however, after the discovery in 1994 of the International Kansai Airport specializes exclusively in vnutreyaponskih flights (retaining the prefix “international” in the name). Itami Airport, despite growing competition from Kansai Airport and Kobe Airport, still remains the first busiest airport, Kansai.

In 2010, passenger traffic at the international airport of Osaka barely exceeded the 14.19 million people, consistently cutting an average of 530 thousand. People a year in recent years. Cargo turnover in the same period amounted to 125.736 tonnes

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