Jahorina Live Cam, Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Jahorina ski resort is one of the ski centers, which in 1984 hosted the Olympic games in Sarajevo. It the Olympics of ‘ 84, did the resort is known far beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A rebirth Jahorina gained after the second world war, and finally the resort has blossomed after 70 years, when the efforts of enthusiasts from the ski communities of the route has been prepared and has received the category of FIS. At this time the resort became international and won the right to host the Olympic games.

The slopes of Jahorina are on a fairly steep slope of the mountain Ogorjelica (1916 m). Prepared ski slopes begin almost on the very top and have a total length of 25 km One of the most difficult “black” slopes in Bosnia and Herzegovina starts almost at the top of Ogorjelica places and is sloped at 56 degrees. The other tracks mostly “red” and “black” that makes the resort very attractive for professionals and experienced skiers and snoubordistov. Only 3 “blue” route allows beginners to learn and for families to let their children to ride themselves. Prepared trails for giant slalom, downhill, and downhill, the brightest representative of which is the long “red” trail resort “Old Downhill” with a length of 2350 m. There is a freeride zone and the illuminated night trails.

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