Jackson Live Cam USA – George Washington Memorial Park

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Watch live camera of Jackson Town Square Cache Street.

Jackson is a town located in Teton County (Wyoming, USA). Jackson is the main transit point for millions of tourists who annually visit the National Park Grand Teton, Yellowstone National Park and the National Elk Reserve. In the immediate vicinity of the city is also a number of ski resorts. A few kilometers to the south-east of the commuters is difficult track, “Snow King” with steep, almost vertical congresses that have night lighting system.

At 19 kilometers north-west of Jackson is a famous ski resort of Jackson Hole, which opened in 1966 and has currently one of the most steep ski slopes on the continent from a height of 1262 meters. About an hour’s drive north-west of the city is accessible another resort Grand Taree, opened in the early 1970s and is now having worldwide fame as one of the snowiest places. Grand Taree is located on the western slope of the ridge Teton, from this resort dates back mountain road going through the Teton Pass Pass to the village Drigs in Idaho, which in turn is located on the other slope of the mountain range.

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