Indonesia Live Cam, Bali – Elephant Safari Park

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Bali live streaming web cam. Bali is an island in the Malay Archipelago, a group of the Lesser Sunda Islands, a part of Indonesia (Bali Province). Washed by the Indian Ocean to the south, from the north – the sea Bali Pacific. To the west it is separated by the Bali Strait from the island of Java, from the east – from Lombok.

Live streaming webcam of Elephant Park in Bali (Elephant Safari Park) is a unique park-nursery, which is home to 31 elephant park area is huge, so that all have enough space. Elephants in the park on Bali imported, mostly from Sumatra, but there are elephants, already born in the kennel.

Every day, the park hosts hundreds of guests to communicate with the elephants, walking, feeding or bathing them. It is the most famous and largest park Elephants in Bali.

We rode the elephants in India, and there, in one of the temples, “sacred” elephant “blessed” me with his trunk

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