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Watch Live Streaming Video of Indianapolis, United States.

Indianapolis is the city in the Midwest, the capital of Indiana. The city is located in the heart of Indiana on the River White River, at an altitude of 218 meters above the morya.Gorod is one of the most attractive places in the US to invest in the purchase of real estate.

Indianapolis is not only the capital of Indiana, but also an important center for the automotive industry with several well-known racetracks, as well as one of the cultural centers of the country, where the Popular festivals and events.

In addition, the city architecture combines modern buildings and beautiful buildings of past centuries, magnificent area and extensive parkland. Also, thanks to the numerous historical sights of Indianapolis is very popular among tourists from all over the world.

In 1847 was the opening of the railway, which led to the rapid growth of the city as well as the calculation of the fact that the White River will transport artery of the city, was not justified – on the river were too many shoals. At the beginning of the era of the automobile Indianapolis compete with Detroit. From here the road went to the other major cities of the USA, for which Indianapolis earned the nickname “Crossroads of America”.

Hallmark of Indianapolis became a monument to soldiers and sailors – 87-meter high stele, crowned with a statue of the goddess of victory. Also, one of the city’s most famous attractions is the race track “Indianapolis Motor Speedway” where every year since 1909, held auto racing.

Artsgarden – the largest exhibition hall of Indianapolis, made of metal structures and glass. Building area – 3000 square meters. It hosts exhibitions and cultural events organized by the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis is also one of the largest, it is very nicely decorated zoo, children’s museum, which is not only a museum, but interesting and entertaining center for children and adolescents and other interesting sights.

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