Hurghada, Beach Live Cam, Egypt

Category: Cams, Egypt

The name Hurghada (Arabic El Garda), derived from the word El GARCH is a tree that grows in the ports of Saudi Arabia. Since the small village of El Garda came to the ships of Saudi Arabia, that’s why it got its name. Hurghada is a recognized tourist centre on the red sea coast. It is the largest city on the coast of international importance.

This year-round sunshine, and infinite sandy beaches, lapped by turquoise waves, extend for tens of kilometers. The unique climatic conditions create unlimited opportunities for surfing and scuba diving all year round. Because of the dry climate, the summer heat in the resorts of the red sea is transferred much easier than in the Mediterranean, where the climate is humid. Moreover, typical Hurghada constant sea breeze makes a pleasant stay on the beach even in the hot summer months. The underwater world of the red sea is considered the richest and most colorful in the Northern hemisphere. From Hurghada you can take amazing tours in Luxor and Cairo, boat trip to coral island.

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