Honolulu Beach Live Cam Hawaii, USA

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Watch Live Cam of Honolulu Beach, Hawaii.

Honolulu is a city on the island of Oahu of the Hawaiian archipelago, the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu County administrative center. Translated from the Hawaiian language honolulu means “protected bay”. In the suburb of Honolulu is the main base of US naval forces in the central Pacific – Pearl Harbor.

Honolulu is a modern city with skyscrapers, offices, shops, restaurants and convenient facilities for the thousands of tourists visiting the city.

Famous Waikiki Beach is located on the outskirts of Honolulu. Wide sandy beach protected by a coral reef. Small surf waves create ideal conditions for surfing and other water sports. There is sailing and Tourism Center.

In the vicinity of Waikiki grows rich tropical and subtropical vegetation.

At night, numerous entertainment work in downtown Honolulu, discos, clubs and restaurants. True, there is no gambling.

One of the attractions is the Honolulu Polynesian Cultural Center. For each region of Polynesia is built a pavilion. Hourly pass national show. Visitors can take an active part in the action: learn to weave wreaths, create souvenirs in local art, to take part in the dance Polynesian or climb a palm tree.

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