Holešov Live Cam, Czech

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Holešov – town in the Zlín region, Czech Republic. The city is located on the western slope of the mountains Gostynskih – western part of the Carpathians. Holesov is well known for its castle with gardens and very unusual complex of the Jewish synagogue, “Polish” type, including decorative iron work of art on the ceilings and walls using floral and animal motifs.

In the town lived a large Jewish community in the first half of the 16th century until World War II, during which almost the entire Jewish population was killed. There is a memorial including a fountain of black stone on the site of the destroyed “new synagogue” at one end of the square. There is also a large Jewish cemetery is a place of pilgrimage for many foreign tourists.

Today, the regional airport in the southern part Goleschova become a strategic industrial zone, one of the largest in the Czech Republic.

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