Hamburg Live Cam, Germany

Category: Cams, Germany

Web camera installed at a height of 90 meters on a skyscraper with the name “Emporio”, which was built in the center of Hamburg (Neustadt district). It offers spectacular panoramic views completely the entire city. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. In addition to the rich history of Hamburg in the first place is interesting for its sights. Take, for example, at least bridges. Them here more than two thousand! This is more than if you add up all the bridges in Venice, London and Amsterdam. And the theatres and museums? In Hamburg there are about a hundred!
Megacities like to stand out fanciful skyscrapers. In Hamburg a lot of modern architecture, but also medieval attractions here are stored with special care.
Despite the title industrial and commercial centre of Germany, Hamburg has managed to stay green metropolis. There are not less than 120 parks, including two large Botanical garden with plants brought from all over Europe and Asia.

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