Hallstatt Live Cam, Austria

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Of the reasons for the modest and charming village of Hallstatt, with a population of less than a thousand people on the lake Hallstatter see included in the UNESCO List, several. First, here is located the oldest in Europe salt mine — they were developed by our ancestors in the second Millennium BC. Second, in Hallstatt there is funny, but brings shivers tradition to retrieve the bones reposed in the Lord from the earth. Actually, this is a logical explanation: sandwiched on both sides by mountains and lake, the town is in dire need of vacant land, and the cemetery is no exception. Because the bone retrieved from the burials every 10 years, bleached, subscribe (name, profession and date of death) and placed on public display in the local chapel. And thirdly, the surrounding landscapes — the unwavering surface of the lake and the majestic mountains of the Dachstein — a miracle as is good!

In Hallstatt the first thing is to go to the historical salt mines. There is a whole informational and entertainment complex “Salt worlds”. Tourists are invited to climb the historic Tower of Rudolph the 13th century, which was once the fortification of the town, and now here designed modern observation deck, which offers magnificent views of Hallstatter see and the village itself. Next is to up the funicular to the Top plateau of Hallstatt (838 metres above the lake level) where to see prehistoric burial and see the beginning of the world’s oldest pipeline, which since the 16th century the salt in dissolved form were delivered to the town of Ebensee, 40 km from Hallstatt. In the salt mines can learn about the history of “the salt man”, whose well-preserved remains were discovered in the 18th century, and to explore the famous halls for the extraction of this mineral, as well as warehouses for storage of salt. To return to the village is offered at longest in Europe, the 64-metre slide, the speed is dizzying, and the output of the tourists are supplied with photos of their own faces in the process of “flight”.

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