Gouda, city hall square Live Cam, Netherlands

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The city of Gouda in the Netherlands is famous for its beauty and brightness: with geranium channels, open cafes and restaurants, shops and cheese shops, and of course, the seductive aroma of cotton candy and delicious cupcakes, literally flooding the city. How can anything be more interesting and enjoyable than a journey to this city, which, in addition to external perfection, with incredible story and incredible atmosphere, it prevails.

Town hall located on the Market square, one of the largest market squares in Holland. As many hundreds of years ago, on the open market there is a lively trade, and on Thursdays the cheese market. Over the past century the hall was altered many times and rebuilt. It was originally surrounded by a moat, which was covered in 1603. In the XVII century the town hall was a wooden staircase leading to the building and to the balcony on the rear facade, which was used as the scaffold. The door from the building to the balcony appeared only in 1897, when Queen Wilhelmina had to greet people from the balcony of the town hall – but she couldn’t have walked up on the stairs like a criminal!

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