Glodzhevo Live cam, Bulgaria

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Glodzhevo small Bulgarian town located on the fertile lands of the Western part of Ludogorie. Independent is itself a part of the community Vetovo Ruse region. The distance to the municipal center is 12 km away, and to the regional town of Ruse is 34 km away. This is the only inhabited place in Bulgaria with the same name. In the past on the territory of today’s Glodzhevo there was a thick mountain in the area there were many small lakes and wild animals in the forest ripened fruits and berries. During the epidemic of plague in Europe (1347 — 1351) this place was settled by fugitives from the terrible disease of several villages, who founded the village Glodzhevo.
The name of the village comes from the “Glogow” (hawthorn), which grew up around the village. Glodzhevo is an example of ethnic tolerance of the population. Live and work here together, Muslims and Christians. There are two mosques and an Orthodox Church “SV. Paraskeva” (1936). The information stored about that stone minaret to the main mosque of the city was erected Tetevenski master Elijah Totev assistants Ghani Genev and Mehmet Yasar Kijkje in 1926

Cave Bezdynna”, located to the city refers to its natural attractions.

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