Gimhae Live Cam, South Korea

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Gimhae is a city in the Southeast province of Gyeongsangnam-do. He has a long history and is the unofficial capital of an ancient aristocratic clan of Kim. Gimhae is located in the lower reaches of the Nakdong river in hilly plains. The city borders the city-the metropolis of Busan. Symbols of Gimhae are magpie, plum blossom and gingko biloba.

The history of the city counts since the first years of our era. He appeared during the time of tribal Union of Kai called Chimgan. The town was the main centre of this protocolecho state. With 542 year Kumgan is in the state of Silla, becoming the center of the County. The present name was given in the year 756. A few decades ago Gimhae was an insignificant village. Received city status only in 1995.

Gimhae is a pretty interesting city. Its main objects: the state Museum dedicated to Kaya, the house-Museum of Roh Moo-Hyun, former President of the Republic of Korea, and the astronomical Observatory with an area of 7 thousand meters on mount Pontosan. In Gimhae honor the history and traditions of the region. The annual festival is dedicated to folklore and cultural heritage of the Union of Kai.

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