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Fredericton is a small canadian town which was the capital of the province of new Brunswick. The city is located in the place where the river Nashwaak flows into the river Saint John. Currently, Fredericton is home to more than 50 thousand inhabitants, and together with suburbs of about 90 thousand
The city was named in honor of the second son of king George III Prince Fred.

This land has long served as the dwelling place of the Indian tribes the mi’kmaq and malecites. In XVII century the territory was occupied by the French, who called her Acadia. The modern city was founded in 1783 on the site of the village of Sainte-Anne loyalists, who wanted to create a new province. It is the Fredericton and became the capital of the province called new Brunswick. A year later, the city was declared the centre of the County of York. The new capital on the territory of which lived mostly army officers, bureaucrats and University professors, in contrast, located to the South of St. John, were distinguished by their aristocratic appearance.

In the heart of Fredericton within Officers ‘ square, which hosts virtually all of cultural events – festivals, concerts, etc. in the Winter on the square and ice skating.

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