Brest Live Cam, France

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Brest – a city in western France, sub-prefecture of the Department of Finistère. Located on the Atlantic coast, in the extreme west of Brittany peninsula. The city lies on the slopes of the hills on the northern shore of the bay of Brest. Brest – an important commercial and military port on the Atlantic Ocean; the city is a major naval base. In the city – the end point of the railway line. The city preserved the medieval Brest Castle, built on the site of a Roman fortification, which was rebuilt several times.

The castle consists of seven interconnected towers; inside rises another department moated castle with large rooms, dungeons, dungeons, chapel, and so.. Among the city’s museums should be noted Musée de la Marine (Maritime Museum), the Aquarium, Sea Life Centre “Océanopolis”, a series of dioramas that reconstruct the events during the Second World war. In general, in the city are few places that are attractive to tourists, historical buildings almost did not survive. Short Film Festival «Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest» is held annually in Brest. The city has a university (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), a number of other higher education institutions.

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