Besancon Live Cam, France

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Besancon – a city in France in the east, the center of the historic region of Franche-Comte, the famous fortress of Vauban, whose medieval fortifications estimated at UNESCO, making them world architectural heritage. Besancon is known as the birthplace of the inventors of cinema Lumière, as well as the place of birth of the writer Victor Hugo. Besancon include a compulsory tour of Burgundy, because without it is impossible to imagine the history of this region.

The city is located exactly at the place where the mountain range of the Jura, passing through the territory of Switzerland, France and Germany becomes hilly valley-plateau Franche-Comté. Ancient people founded a settlement in the beautiful with a defensive point of view of the place – the river Doubs skirted the city loop, protecting it from three sides, while the fourth was high and impregnable rock. Grand Marshal and military engineer of Louis XIV Vauban brought the natural advantages of Besancon to perfection, is built on top of a steep, “at” massif rocks of the Jura in the late XVII century fortress, which has provided the town quite prosperous existence for centuries, and now attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists in year.

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