Besancon Live Cam, France – river Doubs

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Besancon – a city in the east of France, in a meander of the river Doubs, administrative center of the department of Doubs region and the Franche-Comte. Doubs (Doubs) – a river in France and Switzerland. Located in the southeast of France and western Switzerland, which forms the border for about 40 kilometers. Du is one of the left tributaries of the Saône River. The source is located in the mountains of southern France. The length of 453 km.

The atmosphere of the city because of the many colleges and universities located here, and accordingly, students distinguishes it from other cities and towns of the east of France with their slow, sleepy, rural life. In the center of Besançon is usually (if not Sunday), full of life, young people are constantly moving around the city, parks, squares and cafés, too, are filled with students who read or chat.

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