Faroe Islands Live Cam, Denmark

Category: Cams, Denmark

Attractions of the Faroe Islands is each island separately, each with its unique nature, lovely rural houses under the multi-colored roofs (often covered with grass turf), coastal cliffs into the mist. On some you will find the old Lutheran Church, most numerous flocks of sheep on the green meadows, all with clean air and cool blue skies, not polluted by industrial enterprises, which are not mentioned here.

Many of the Islands deserve a special thank due to the peculiarities of the landscape, climate, flora or fauna. For example, on the island Fugloy (“Bird island”) in a large number of nesting sea birds. Here the water cut is high, half a kilometer, a little over the rocks, favored by millions of birds. Even more Kalsoy mountainous Island-the pipe”) is an amazing however, not mountains, but just the opposite — the underground tunnels and caves. And the “flat” of all the glorious Sunday others: here at the coast you can admire the wide sandy dunes and hills are two beautiful lakes.

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