Dobrich Live cam, Bulgaria

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Dobrich is a city situated on the Dobrudzha plateau by a small river, the administrative center of the homonymous region. Distance from Sofia – 500 km, the city is located 37 km away from Romania. Is the capital of the Golden Dobrudja.

you can stroll through the city Park, the first trees were planted there in 1862. In addition, it contains plants not only from Bulgaria but from all over the world. The author of the architectural-Park ensemble became the Czech Anton Novak. In the center of the Park there is the Aquarium and the Planetarium. If you are on holiday with children, then it is advisable to visit the city zoo.

The first Church there was built in 1843 – the Cathedral of St. George, where later a school was opened. Today, this temple is an excellent example of sacral architecture. An example of the Bulgarian Patriotic architecture monument of Khan Asparuh. He created the First Bulgarian Kingdom.

Also of interest is the Old town part of Dobrich, where many buildings have retained their appearance from the period of Turkish occupation.

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