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Chrudim – Czech city located in the western part of the Pardubice region, 110 km east of the capital. According to legend, the locality was built warlord Chrudim More v888 was, but the first mention of the city relates to 993g. Chrudim – a true open-air museum, known for its carefully files saved historical complexes and monuments.

The most famous local attractions include the building of the Old Town Hall, Plague Column, the Dark Portal, which is a narrow arched passageway between houses dating from the XV century, birthplace of the writer and inventor Josef Ressel.

The symbol of Chrudim considered nave Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, erected in the XIV century and completed in the neo-gothic elements 1857-1880 years. An interesting architectural monuments are the XVII century church of St. Joseph and the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Also noteworthy is the Church of St. Michael, built in the XVI century. The cemetery, surrounded the sanctuary earlier, was closed in 1881 and converted into a park. Not far from the church you can see the statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

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