Chioggia Sottomarina Live Cam, Venice, Italy

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Live video stream of Chioggia Sottomarina from Park Chioggia Hotel.

Chioggia is a commune in the Venetian lagoon, 25 km from Venice, located on several islands, which are connected to the mainland by a bridge from the resort Sottomarina. According to the last census, in the commune, sprawling over an area of ​​185 square kilometers, a population of about 52 thousand people.

Today Chioggia with its channels, most of which is Canale Vienna, is considered to be a miniature replica of Venice. The characteristic narrow streets of the town called “calli” and invariably attract tourists. Among the local attractions worth mentioning the Romanesque cathedral of Santa Maria, built in the 11th century and reconstructed Baldassarre Longhena in mid-17th century, and the church of Sant’Andrea the 18th century with a bell tower 11-12 th centuries and one of the oldest observation towers in world. the church interior is decorated with “Crucifixion” Palma older. Preserved in the town and other medieval churches, most of which was reconstructed in the 16-17 th centuries – the period of greatest prosperity Chioggia.

One of the areas is Chioggia Sottomarina – a popular seaside resort with 60 hotels and 17 campsites.

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