Cassis Live Cam, France

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Cassis – one of the oldest wine growing areas in France. It is famous for its white and pink wine. The famous resort is located near Marseille, in the seaside “patch”, surrounded by cliffs. It attracts lovers of mountaineering. Especially good in this place bays resembling fjords. Area attractions include: castle, cape Cap Canaille (416 m above sea level), caves and Espagnols Baou Redoun, “Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire” – the ruins of the Ligurian fortified camp.

It is from this city with a population of about 8 thousand kilometers starts counting its most famous resort coast of Europe, the French Riviera. First, it extends to the southeast of the peninsula to Gien – then begins to pick up steeply to the north-east: in the direction of Saint-Tropez and Frejus, Antibes, Cannes and Nice, Menton, Monaco and Genoa, Italy.

Cassis is different from most of its luxurious neighbors. It seems that the better: despite the good location and a wonderful climate, the number of tourists in the season is not off scale, and those that arrive almost uniformly dissolve in the surrounding Calanques Port Mia, Port-Pin, En-In, SORM, Suzhiton … on the day, rarely more – most come for a day, relax and enjoy a sumptuous combination of gray rocks, lush green and turquoise, still pristine, the sea.

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