San Diego Live Cam California – Bahia Resort Hotel

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Watch Live Streaming Video from Bahia Resort Hotel San Diego, California, USA.

Bahia Resort Hotel is located near the beach in the Beach Cities – Coast of California in San Diego, close – Mission Beach, Ocean Beach Park, and Seaworld.

San Diego is the 2nd most populous city in California after Los Angeles. Among the ten largest cities in the US, ranking in the list of the 9 th place. San Diego is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean on the south western coast of the United States at the border with Mexico. Population of the city of 1.3 million inhabitants (1,355,896 as of 2013).

The “Greater San Diego,” ie, in the San Diego metropolitan area, home to more than 3 million people. Thus, this conurbation is the 17th in the United States in terms of population. San Diego is the oldest city on the American West Coast. It was founded in 1769 by the Spaniards, but the Europeans have been in these areas since the 16th century. Since 1848 (since the signing of peace between the United States and Mexico) San Diego legally belongs to the United States. Despite its proximity to Mexico, residents of Hispanic (of any race) are relatively few – 30%. The majority are white – 43%.

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