Brussels, Grand-place, the Live Cam Belgium

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Most of sightseeing begins with the Market square. The Grand place is not only the largest and most beautiful square in Brussels, but also one of the most beautiful squares in the world. In the 13th century there were noisy shopping arcades, feasts and jousting tournaments, worked sucefully and administer justice. Z

Each even-numbered year, the Grand place decorated with flower carpet is an amazing spectacle that flock to see tens of thousands of tourists.

The buildings around the square were destroyed in 1695 during the French siege, but later restored for a carefully thought-out plan and began to look even better. The facades of the houses decorated with intricate carvings, garlands, statues and columns. Each of old buildings has its own name, for example, “Wolf”, “Truck”, “Fox”. Completes the ensemble of the square Building guilds.

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