Bruges, Market square Live Cam, Belgium

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Webcam Brugge

Bruges is not only the capital of Belgium chocolate, but without exaggeration one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Medieval Gothic ensembles and a network of canals, is slightly inferior to that of Venice, attracts crowds of tourists. In recent years the flow of tourists has increased so that the inhabitants of Bruges complain live at Disneyland. But the grumbling of local inhabitants a lot of guile: the tourism industry annually brings the city enormous income, and to increase it even more, the government is constantly restored old buildings and ennoble the city. Many of the buildings of ancient architecture is clearly looking like new, but it’s not a “remake”, the power just care about the appearance of Bruges. And, of course, most of the old buildings are museums and can be visited.

In the center of Bruges lies a noisy, crowded and stunningly beautiful Market square (Grote Markt), in buildings which are of architectural styles from different eras. Standing in the square belfry is one of the major attractions of the city.

The chime of her bells told the time, the admiration of listeners, and if you climb the stairs inside the tower to the observation deck, the view of the city is breathtaking.

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