Broumov Live Cam, Czech

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Broumov – a cozy town, decorating the border with Poland, the Czech lands. Its population, not by reaching into our time and up to 8 000 people, mostly before the war were Silesian German Protestants. The city was founded by the Benedictine monks of the Prague Břevnov Monastery, benefiting from the grace of King Premysl Otakar I, which giveth monastery current northern Czech lands.

Broumov History can not be called cloudless. The fire happened in 1306, severely damaged the monastery buildings, at home, strong city walls. Dealing with the consequences caused by a voracious fire, it was completed only in 1380. Only the church of the Virgin Mary, dating back to the XII century, succumbed to the confusion of the fire. Today it is – the oldest wooden churches of the Czech Middle Ages, pleasing the eyes of contemporaries.

Another attraction is the town of Broumov town hall. She decorates her tower of the former market square, which served as a center of bustling trade in various goods. It was once a place of meeting of the city magistrate building then provided its town hall vaults.

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