Brandenburg Live Cam, Germany

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If you are in Berlin and have time, a trip to Brandenburg an der Havel. This city is located very close to Berlin, however, is very different from the German capital and other cities in Brandenburg. It is the most ancient city in the region. It stands on the river Havel Central square (Markt Neustädtischer) has not always been the center of the city. This area, along with all of its architectural ensemble, built after the war, so it is especially bright objects you will not see it.

However, in the city of Brandenburg interesting objects, temples and monuments a lot.Located near the main square stands the Cathedral of Sainte-Catherine (Katharinenkirche). This is a real architectural masterpiece – a sample of North German Gothic style, built by Hinrich Brunsberg. T

here are not many authentic-style buildings of brick Gothic architecture and this Cathedral came to us not in its original form. It was built at the turn of XIV–XV centuries, survived not one reconstruction to the XVIII century and was completely restored in 1987-2004.

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