Bohumín Live Cam, Czech – Masaryk Square

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Bohumín – the town in the northeast of the Czech Republic, in the Moravian-Silesian Region Karvina. Located 9 km northeast of Ostrava on the border with Poland, at an altitude of 198 m above sea level. Immediately to the north of the city Olshe river flows into the Odra.

Bohumin appeared at the intersection of two trade routes. One route called salt and ran from Moravia to Krakow, the other – amber – tied with Hungary, the Baltic countries. Bohumin enabled the merchants and pilgrims to rest on the way from one point to another. The city was founded near the river, where for centuries was a ford. This happened in the XII century. Since then, much has changed: instead of ford bridge was built, and is now considered Bohumin tourist town, its interesting architecture, historical and entertainment facilities to the general public.

From historic landmarks worth visiting the Church of the Blessed Virgin, which was built of wood in 1292, commissioned by the monks from the monastery Orlova. The wooden church stood until 1620 and was replaced by a brick building, which greatly damaged by fire in 1850. Now we can see the restored church. An interesting and relatively new Church of the Divine Heart of Jesus, built in 1895.

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