Bludenz Live Cam, Austria

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Bludenz is the southernmost city of the Federal state of Vorarlberg, is situated at the junction of five beautiful valleys so that the beauty of this place speak a little will not work. From 1418 to 1806 Bludenz was the residence of the Habsburgs, who during the reign had a lot of “heritage” in historical and architectural terms. No wonder this tiny town is of great interest to cognitive and configured curious tourist.

In addition, in Bludenz is the famous Suchard factory for the production of excellent milk chocolate Milka (the one with the purple cows). Of the city’s attractions can be highlighted the Church of St. Lawrence and the Gayenhofen castle in the Baroque style, which is considered the symbol of the city. With the Church tower offers stunning views of three mountain range, the five valleys and four countries

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