Berkshire Live Cam, Scotland

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In Scotland there is a County which is called Royal County of Berkshire, located in the South-East of the country. This prestigious nickname is due to the fact that the city of Windsor, in Berkshire, the residence of the Royal family – Windsor castle.

First, the Royal Berkshire was described only informally, but in 1958 the name was recognized and the Royal court. In 1974, it is documented, confirmed the use of such a long name – “the Royal County of Berkshire”. Berkshire is one of the oldest counties . It was founded in 840. Berkshire land saw many battles and transformations, from which left an indelible mark in history: a large variety of monuments, destroyed and rebuilt again locks.

City dwellers are mainly engaged in agriculture: cultivation of vegetables and fruit and raising animals. It is here that bred Berkshire pigs.

Also on the territory of the Berkshire offices of world famous companies – company in the field of information technology “HP” large pharmaceutical company “Bayer”, mobile operator “Vodafone”.

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