Berkovitsa Live cam, Bulgaria

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Berkovitsa is a town in Montana region, is situated in the North-West of Bulgaria, is the administrative and economic center of the same community. Its population is about 13 917 citizens. Is the town, so to speak, in the “hilly” area at an altitude of 405 meters above sea level, near the border with Serbia. Distance to regional center is 23 km from the capital 80 km. everything else – Berkovitsa is a starting point to one of the local natural attractions, the mountain peak of Kom, located 18 kilometers from the city. Way to go is on a mountain road, passing huts and the lift that takes sports fans to the ski slopes.

The ethnographic Museum in Berkovitsa – the repository of monuments of material and spiritual culture of the city and the region. Located in the so-called. The house of Serbian (“Carmencita, came”, the nickname of one of the local families), typical of the architecture of the city the old mansion.

In a number of collections of the Museum presents ceramics in the characteristic style of Berkovitsa, carpets the works of the masters nearby Chiprovtsi, costumes karakachan (small people living in the local mountains), dresses urban women of fashion 20-ies NINETEENTH century.

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