Bamberg, Little Venice Live Cam, Germany

Category: Cams, Germany

Little Venice in Bamberg is not like Venice in Italy. Call it so because all over the world adopted the term “Venice” – as a symbol of a city or neighborhood on the water, river, channels, Islands. There is no promenade, or boardwalk and get into the house only from the side of the river on the boat. Bright, colorful houses reflected in the waters of the river, the fishing boats moored near the houses, there are no sidewalks, and the flowers planted on loggias and balconies.
Now Bamberg is a tourist centre, attracting everyone to look at the unique architecture of various styles from Baroque to Gothic and to try the famous smoky beer. The town is small. And the question that it is worth a look, the answer is simple: everything! But as to tell everything does not work, then briefly about the most interesting.

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