Balchik, Promenade Live cam, Bulgaria

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Historical Museum is located in the Central square of the city. The Museum presents a rich collection of exhibits ranging from the Roman era. Ethnographic Museum is situated on St. Dimitar Zhelev, the house seller wheat Atanas Shterev.

One of the striking attractions of Balchik Botanical garden and the residence of Romania’s Queen Maria of Edinburgh (1921). By order of the Queen of Italian designers created the Palace Park and the chapel to a design of the Cretan labyrinth), a summer residence of 10 villas, the Avenue from the mill, earthen jars from Morocco, a castle with minaret.

One of the most beautiful places — the garden of Allah. Silver well, 200 species of trees, 3000 species of exotic plants, 250 species of cacti and a throne on the coast — a favorite place of the Queen, where she loved to watch the sunset. Among European parks, Botanical gardens inferior size and wealth only Park in Monaco.

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