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Live video stream of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the center of the largest metropolitan area in the entire southeastern United States. In 2013 the city’s population is 447,000 people, while in the subway (metropolitan area) Atlanta live over 5,4 million people

Atlanta is an important business center of the southeastern United States. The gross regional product of more than $ 270 billion. In the city operate on three-quarters of the largest US companies from the Fortune list of 1000. In addition, Atlanta is home base their headquarters chose monsters such as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and AT & T, Atlanta CNN is broadcasting. Delta Air Lines, and AT & T is the largest employer in the region. In total, 145 thousand private companies working in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Due to its particular location, Atlanta is a major transportation hub. Thus, 80% of the US population are in the 2-hour flight from Atlanta.

Atlanta International Airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) is currently the busiest airport in the world, leading, and in passenger traffic and the number of takeoffs / landings. In 2009, through the Atlanta airport has passed more than 88 million passengers. Trade, transportation (air, w / d, car) and transport infrastructure the strongest influence on the region’s economy. Other important sectors for the economy of the region are: local governance, finance and banking, business services, education, health care, manufacturing and construction.

In addition to infrastructure, an important factor in economic prosperity is access to high-quality human resources. In Atlanta, more than 30 institutions of higher education. Highlights from the university: Technical University of Georgia (Georgia Institute of Technology and a Georgia Tech), Georgia State University (Georgia State University or GSU) and the University of Georgia (University of Georgia, or UGA). In 2007, over 34% of the adult population had a bachelor’s degree or higher. In 2009, in the region of more than 130 thousand people were employed in high-tech sectors of the economy.

The population in the region is growing very rapidly. Over the last 6 years it has increased annually by more than 142 thousand people. According to forecasts by 2020 agglomeration Atlanta is the 6th in the United States in terms of population (currently 9th place). Atlanta has no natural boundaries, so the metropolitan area is very large – 8,480 square miles. The city of Atlanta covers 131 square miles. The constant growth of the population as a positive factor for the growth of the economic potential of the region.

However, rapid growth and impact on the racial diversity of the city. In general, it is more than the national average. The racial makeup of Atlanta: 38.4% – white, 55.8% – African American, 1.9% – the Asians. Hispanics of any race make up 4.9% of the population. Atlanta’s population is also younger than the national average – 33.8 years versus 36. More than 35% of those who came to Atlanta since 2000 have come from another state. The largest percentage of people who came from other cities in the US, came from New York and New Jersey. They are attracted by lower spending on housing, clothing, food and gas. In general, the cost of living in the region at a lower level than the average in the USA.

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