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Andorra La Vella is at the confluence of two rivers — the North Valira (Valira del Nord) and Eastern Valira (Valira de l’orient), which form a Grand Valeera (Gran Valira).The city is in a narrow river valley and therefore squeezed between high mountains. The slopes of the mountains here and there are seen at home. Here, on the slopes of their vegetable gardens — exactly as we do, from scrap materials.

Andorra La Vella is directly adjacent to the town of Escaldes, from a high hill visible from the spire to the Spa, which should definitely visit.The city has preserved the old stone house. The oldest building is St. Stephen’s Church (Església de Sant Esteve) in the Romanesque style, built in the XI century.Most tourists who come to Andorra to go skiing, stay here. The city has many attractions that are worth a look.

The population in these parts appeared in the Neolithic age. In the year 795, Charlemagne included these areas in the Marca Hispanica — the Spanish brand, a buffer zone between Moorish Spain and the Frankish Kingdom. In the early ninth century, was founded Andorra La Vella, which in 1278, became the capital of the Principality of Andorra. Since 1993, when the Constitution was adopted, there are public authorities.

The population of the capital — 22.256 inhabitants (according to 2011), and suburbs (Escaldes-Engordany, Escaldes-Engordany) — more than 40 thousand. Andorra La Vella is also the highest European capital city — it is located at an altitude of 1023 meters above the sea level.

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