Alushta Live Cam, Crimea

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Live video stream of Alushta seaside.

Alushta is the largest resort city in the south of the Crimean peninsula. The area Big Alushta – Partenit from Bluff and to fishing and Privetnogo – it is the second largest resort region of Crimea after the Big Yalta. Alushta is in the 47-kilometers from Simferopol, in the 37-kilometers from Yalta, in 236 kilometers from Kerch.

The main feature of Alushta is a unique microclimate, which is formed over the city due to the special circulation of air masses: the air of the steppe Crimea is mixed with the sea air, are moderate humidity and optimum temperature condition, high number of warm sunny days.

It is easy to breathe, the climate is the best way affects the health and recommended for many diseases, the bathing season in the Big Alushta lasts from May to October.

Rest in Alushta. The resort has many decades confirms its reputation as a universal and affordable: in Alushta well and for reasonable money can organize your holiday all guests and families with children, and the thirsty entertainment youth, and the elderly.

The city is large enough, and it presents all kinds of housing: the network and private hotels, apartments turnkey, cheap private sector, sanatorium treatment and pensions. This choice of leisure options seduce many. The leg go entertainment and business infrastructure Alushta: number of cafes, attractions, shops, excursion points is huge.

Centers resort life – it is Lenin’s embankments and the “Professorial corner” beach, the central market area, as well as the Red Army and Gorky streets. Beaches in Alushta abound. The total length of the urban beach – more than 6 km. Almost all the beaches are covered with small and medium pebbles, at least – dark sand, the sea is open, without bays and inlets, which contributes to the excellent water exchange, the purity and transparency of the sea water.

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