Alaska, Anchorage Live Cam – Chugach Mountains

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Anchorage live streaming webcam. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, the most northerly of the large cities in the United States. Population Anchorage 300 with small thousand people (2013). In total, around Anchorage reside 374,000 people, accounting for more than half of the total population of Alaska (about 700 thousand people).

Anchorage is in its own unique city, surrounded on all sides by national parks. The town as it is wedged between the two arms of Cook Inlet and the slopes of the Chugach Mountains, and in fact is the largest human enclave within an enormous natural area of ​​Alaska. Anchorage – the most convenient point from which to explore the various nature reserves in Alaska. But just a few kilometers from the city center, you may encounter the wildlife scenes, more rare than you see in most national parks.

Chugach Mountains and the Chugach are – a mountain range in Alaska.
Geologically ridge refers to the Pacific Cordillera, located in the south east of Alaska to the Kenai Peninsula to the western part of the St. Elias Mountains. Chugach limited to river valleys and the Matanuska Copper. On the tops – the glaciers area of ​​21.6 thousand square kilometers, the largest -. Bering (5800 km²), Colombia (1370 km²), Matanuska. Some glaciers in the southern slopes crumble fjord the Gulf of Alaska.
The highest point – Mount Marcus Baker (4016 m).

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