Adelaide, Victoria square Live Cam, Australia

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Adelaide is a major city in South Australia with a million people, stylish architecture, beautiful scenery, unique ethnic and cultural heritage. Basically, the current population is descendants of immigrants from Europe, convicts here to settle was prohibited. Look at the photo of the city of Bukhara. Very unusual and the layout of the city – all the streets intersect at right angles, no curves no streets.

The city itself forms a giant square with four avenues, which are named after the cardinal. Colonial appearance of Adelaide carefully guarded by the townspeople, no skyscrapers in the Central part no. The international airport receives flights both international and domestic, it is located only 8 km from the centre of Adelaide.

From the airport to the city run every half an hour buses, you can choose public transport where the trip will cost you half the price. Very convenient to get a taxi from the airport to the city centre. It is possible to get from Adelaide to Sydney, Melbourne and other cities by train, but it’s worth noting that the rail travel in Australia – travel is not cheap

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