Aarhus Live Cam, Denmark

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Aarhus – the main city of the Jutland Peninsula and the second largest city in Denmark. The campus attracts many tourists for its attractions and amusement Park Tivoli. This city perfectly combines the fun of big cities and exciting and romantic places for small towns.

Aarhus city of Denmark, located in the East of Jutland. On the coast of the Bay of Aarhus, Bought. The port of Aarhus is the second largest port of Denmark. Despite its small size, by Russian standards, Aarhus is a commercial and industrial centre and an important railway junction. The city’s population is approximately 311 thousand people.

To get to Aarhus in various ways. A 45-minute drive from the city center is Aarhus airport and 1.5 hours ‘ drive away and Billund airport. But to get from Russia without a transplant will not work. The transplant can be done, for example, in London or in other large cities of Europe. As a transplant can be done in Copenhagen. In addition to the plane it is possible to use a train, bus or ferry, not only from Denmark but also from nearby adjacent countries.

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