Valmiera Live Cam, Latvia

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Valmiera — a city of Republican subordination in Latvia.
Located on the banks of the Gauja river, 100 km from Riga and 50 km from the border with Estonia. North gate of the National Park “Gauja – Valmiera pleases its guests not only beautiful nature, but also cultural and historical monuments, interesting cultural and sports events, breathtaking stories and legends.”Main street” Valmiera is the river Gauja that divides Riga into two parts, one of which is called Pargauja.

Valmiera is located 107 km from Riga. The river Gauja Valmiera gives of the nature, where you can enjoy walking on the walking trails along the banks of the Gauja river, located just a five minute walk from the centre. Valmiera and its surroundings was created for lovers of active tourism, in the summer everyone has the opportunity to travel by bike Valmiera and its surroundings or go Hiking. For this purpose are very suited the banks of the river Gauja, which for each bend opens up new landscape.

Valmiera – a great starting point boat routes on the Gauja, and Kazoo crazes – the well-maintained trail whitewater in the Baltic States. Every year Valmiera attracts the best rowers Latvia and the Baltic States at the Boat March Abuls – Gauja”. Fans of active winter rest can go race for the ski race, as through the surrounding edges of Valmiera, and on the track at the stadium. Daline. Skiing fans are invited to the center for skiing and recreation “Baiļi”.

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